Sardar went to a mirror shop

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Once a Sardarji goes to a mirror shop to buy a mirror.He wanders all over the shop before the shopkeeper comes and asks him,”May I help you?”.

Sardar: “I want a very strong mirror”.
Shop keeper: “Try this one sir!Its just Rs.1000/-”

Sardar @ mirror shop

Sardar: “Is it really that strong?”
Shop keeper: “Yes sir. If u want to know, you can throw this mirror from 100 storeyed building. This mirror does not breaks upto 99 floors sir!!”

Sardar: “Wah! bahuth badiya hai!!”
He pays the shop keeper and leaves with that mirror!!


  1. bad joke for smart warriors and patriots , ” Na baat karoo abki na karoon tabki , Agar na hotey Guru Gobind Singh tow sunnat hoti Sabki;

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