English Proficiency test for bihari

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Both Lalu Yadav and Rabri Devi are asked to take an English Proficiency Test. First Lalu is taken inside the interview room. The interviewer hangs the letter “M” in front of him and asks what does it mean. After giving a long enough thought Lalu Yadav answers.. “Ee M hai.. M mani Moder.. Moder maani hammar mai”(This is M. M means mother. Mother means my mother) .When Lalu comes out of the interview Rabri asks him about his experience. Lalu Yadav described the process as it happened.
However, in Rabri’s interview the interviewer hangs “W” instead of “M”.Rabri is totally clueless about what it means.. About an hour passes and suddenly it strikes to her and she shouts.. “Arey ee to Lalua ke mai ko ulta taang delkau re. Jaldi seedha kar na to muat jayi.”

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