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World without engineers


Engineers had made our life very comfortable by using science and technology.
But have u ever imagined what would the world look like without engineers, If not then here r
some of the pics what would our life be like :-


Mechanical and automobile engineer

Civil engineer of old age

Computing and education
Computing and education (computer engineers)

Communication engineer in old age

Air travelling


12 Responses to “World without engineers”
  1. me

    not so funny,without engineers there wont even be that much

  2. sendo

    this is nice i will much appreciate it if i can get this posted to my mail address thanks this is just great.

  3. jimmy

    love coz am an engineer!!!

  4. Hector

    I like it, pls it to my email

  5. zack

    niceone but believe me without engineer’s the world is nothing.there will be know clothes talkless of men flying,nothing is possible without engineer’s.


    this absolutely just great..
    it’s just cool

  7. hai

  8. hai, ko

  9. Ronald

    Great!! Engineers make the World!

  10. Yesss ur rit.. gud pics gud mesg….

  11. its really fantastic.and every thing of this website i liked it

  12. Raghib suleman

    lolz… good work

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